Holy Crap You’re A Cunt, Hely

Some day I will take enormous pleasure in watching you genuinely suffer, you worthless irredeemable piece of shit.

From: Stephen Cronin
Date: 15 October 2006 2:42:16 PM
To: Teigan
Subject: Re: how the hell do you write so well


I was eventually going to come out to you with the truth anyway. Who was I to deny the Great Robert Henley as such a lonely Operative. And when he offered me something that CH (you) couldn’t.. I took it.

Here is the official list of people that screwed you over (including myself.)

Robin Hely – gave orders and orchestrated everything
Midnight – played a dual identity role with you to screw you over, purposely tried to tick you off (by poor handling of admissions, etc.) in order to try and get you to quit.. RH’s idea actually lol)
Chris Titan – used Herbert Finch in an attempt to break you down
Steve Cronin – fed info to RH through convos with you & CH (you)
Adren – Called your Sister under orders of RH (That’s really all he did and was never really involved with any of the plotting. Adren was probably the most innocent one out of all of us.)

I don’t know why I just got into this.. I never planned to write about this when i started this e-mail.


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16 Responses to Holy Crap You’re A Cunt, Hely

  1. hey add me to the list, I knew about undermining you but didn’t stop it or warn you at the time cos I was pissed off at you for something else.
    I didn’t, however, know about all those people’s involvement and what they were doing, I just knew RH had some plans.
    sorry matey, we were all used in one way or another.

  2. teigan

    I’m not particularly bitter towards anyone else; they were just tools
    Why were you pissed off at me, though? *bats eyelashes* Sweet, harmless lil ol’ me? I didn’t know about that
    We should really do Russian Cocaine again sometime
    I’ll try not to go for cigarettes at lockout time again

  3. long story, let’s just blame it on a woman and leave it at that.
    Next round of Cocaines’ on me.

  4. Don’t look at me. -Everyone- played me. But only in the true spirit of Neurocam. Whatever that is. I don’t care what artists say, it’s only theatrical if you’re acting and you know that you’re in the damn play.
    In hindsight, Neurocam was quite an unpleasant experience. I was missing it a couple of months back and considered getting in to it again but I can safely say that I am 100% pleased to be out.
    I would consider it an unhealthy activity, although that’s very general. Great if you need to feed your ego/god complex by playing with the minds of good people, but other than that. It’s introduced me to a lot of dark minds, y’know?
    If anyone is founding a utopian society very unlike Neurocam, be sure to employ me.

  5. Grey

    Bravo! Thank you for putting the flesh on the skeleton so to speak. I was always hoping to be introduced to a lot of dark minds in this performance.

  6. teigan

    Adam wrote:
    I would consider it an unhealthy activity, although that’s very general. Great if you need to feed your ego/god complex by playing with the minds of good people, but other than that. It’s introduced me to a lot of dark minds, y’know?
    And you know what? That’s why I really hate the amazing Mr H.
    That he coldbloodedly screwed me into the ground in a way that was way beyond theatrical and certainly way, way beyond amusing (and for, as far as I can ascertain, no particular reason other than kicks) is really secondary in my mind to the fact that HE CHRONICALLY FUCKS UP NEUROCAM.
    Which COULD be SO great.
    Which could be so wildly, unremittingly beautiful – if he wasn’t such a narcissistic, self-centred… fucking psychopath cunt-for-brains piece of shit who is gonna suffer and suffer
    One day, sooner or later, we’ll bump into each other and I’ma horribly disfigure his smug, arrogant, god-complexed pretty face forever
    I’ve decided
    He’s much bigger than me physically, so it’ll stand up in court
    I can’t wait
    Next round of Cocaines’ on me.

  7. Simon Moon

    All things considered, the fall of Teigan is one of my favorite episodes of Neurocam. I knew what was going on, and that’s when I really started talking to you.
    I didn’t fuck you over.
    I fucked Cronin over.

  8. Yeah, I was only around for the whole Kyb fucking Cronin over episode.

  9. robin hely

    Big words T, wanna meet for a coffee sometime soon?

  10. teigan

    Why would I want to meet someone I completely despise for coffee? Go away.

  11. teigan

    Y’know, I wouldn’t meet these guys for a coffee.. why would I meet you? Whatever stories you tell yourself about how beautiful you are, on some level you must know you are in basically exactly the same class as these people. I still wonder how you do it sometimes. But not very much.

  12. Q

    Arguing over the internet is a lot like catching the special bus – at the end of the day you’re still a spastic.
    cam was much more fun when it was a head fuck. Sounds like it’s just a busted relationship now.
    ‘cept there’s more then just two people that are angry. so it’s more like a busted orgy. mmm that’s hot.

  13. teigan

    I’m post-neurocam, and basically post-hely now
    Thanks once again to the remarkable Mr ~ for giving me what post-op failed to provide; closure.
    I’m just looking forward to the inevitable payback, is all
    And having fun hating on the single lowest piece of human garbage I have ever encountered In Real Life

  14. teigan

    Well, as opposed to purely online or via the mediasphere

  15. I was waiting for this, inject your venom. the meme is totaly corrupted and hollow.

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