To: Amanda Vanstone (

From: Operative Pulat
Subject: Time to go, Mandy
Date: 7 October 2005 6:06:16 PM

Dear Senator Vanstone,

I write in reaction to a story featured prominently in this morning’s edition of The Age concerning the report of the Commonwealth Ombudsman on your Department’s execrable treatment of Ms. Vivian Alvarez Solon.

Solon report headline

I thought I had reached a point where nothing a senior representative of the Federal Government did could surprise. But I confess the arrogance and irresponsibility displayed by you in response to this seemingly damning report astonishes me.

Even by the abysmal standards we have become very accustomed to from the Federal Government and the Federal APS in recent years, both you and your Department are a complete disgrace. That you, your colleagues and your superiors all seem to regard it as appropriate for you to try and tough out this latest DIMIA scandal can only be described as surreal.

It’s time for you to resign, you blind, heartless bitch. Failing that, I sincerely hope you die painfully and soon. That is, in my view, the very least you deserve.

Yours in contempt and disgust,

Operative Pulat


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7 Responses to To: Amanda Vanstone (

  1. well done. have a star.

  2. Frustratingly, it does not seem to have persuaded her either to resign, or to commit suicide. Complete waste of my valuable time.
    Back to the drawing board..

  3. Perhaps you could send her some ready tied rope and a bucket?

  4. Nah, going to that much trouble would only encourage her.
    They’re only after attention really.

  5. “They’re only after attention really.”
    Well that would explain her penchant for hideous multicoloured outfits

  6. multicoloured outfits?

  7. Yes, like most politicians she is quite the snappy dresser.

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