Is It Just Me, Or..

..are we seeing more completely catastrophic natural disasters than we used to?


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9 Responses to Is It Just Me, Or..

  1. Random Voodoo

    Its just that time of the millenia I guess

  2. Maybe you are onto something..

  3. Li

    We may be seeing more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more.
    I can’t remember much more that a few weeks back anyhow so I’m not entirely sure.

  4. It seems that disasters are the next big thing.

  5. beans of dead and soy thingies

    The end is nigh!

  6. I sense a resugrence of disaster movies in our future.

  7. Well, every cloud has a silver lining, I guess

  8. Global warming isn’t it? Oh THAT’S right. There’s no such thing. Kyoto what?

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