Recent Correspondence

From: Trysting Fields Central Communications
To: JoBean
Date: 8 November 2006 10:45:32 PM

> 😀  I have enough trouble coming up with my own posts, m’dear.
> And you want me think of topics for you as well?

You seem to be doing okay.. slow but not short of content

> How about the fact that I went into a pet shop the other day and saw
> me some kittens.

You want me to post on *my* blog about what *you’ve* been up to? Tript‘s right.

> Yay kitten season!  

Yay! I saw two cats fucking for the first time ever the other night; it was well surreal and shit

Everything is surreal at the moment; I blame the racing carnival

I was saying to LJ this morning: the streets are filled with outrageously drunk women in slutty dresses and ridiculous hats; singing, getting into fights, throwing up, falling over

At all hours of the day and night

No one bats an eye, that’s standard in Melbourne at this time of year

Freewheeling, zany-ass city that we are

I was trying to sell Melbourne to her

Do you think that will work?

> You should call  those places again if you  want  one  😀

Thanks for the tip 😛


But too busy! Too busy!

I have to catch up on Adam’s blog too, I haven’t read it for ages and ages and ages; his posts are gold but they’re too long

So much to do! So little weed. Indeed none at all; it’s becoming unacceptable

Get it sorted, “Johana”

Honestly, sometimes I wonder why we are still friends

You never send me flowers, you never have any weed when *I* need it

We may have to see about your license to practice if this whack continues

Much love,



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4 Responses to Recent Correspondence

  1. jo

    and.. *I’m* lazy?! 😛

  2. teigan

    ‘Busy’; the word is ‘busy’. Hey, I added links to it!
    (And you reply: “Links are no good to us! I WANT SOMETHING’S FLESH!!“)
    (Sorry, hit a Withnail & I trigger there..)

  3. Too busy leaving comments instead of NoWri-ing

  4. teigan

    I’m taking a NoWriBreak. I’ve earned one! I am going great guns.
    Fine then, if you don’t want me to catch up on your blog and leave all these comments on old posts that no one but you, you priveliged little Norwitch, will ever see
    I was just trying to tell you that I love you! But that’s fine. That’s fine.
    No, that’s fine.
    I should go to bed anyway really.

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