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Everybody should watch The Hamish Show. I have been catching up on old posts episodes this evening; it is a great blog show.

This one in particular is the best ever!!

(In semi-related news: I just reinstated my notorious Neurocam-destroying post from February, in response to several requests I have received over the last little while. If you were wondering what all this ‘Phase Two’ malarky was really all about – there you go. It was me. I lit the Chicago Fire, I killed the baby Jesus etc. And this here should be considered my absolute final public word on the accursed subject of the Neurocam.)

Should I light my cherry cigar? I just can’t decide. I think it may be called for; it really is that good of a post episode.

UPDATE – I lit it. But I can’t take a picture, coz ~ has my camera again and there is no waking him at this hour of the morning.

Life, eh?

2nd UPDATE – And now someone is bashing on our front door, but I’m not going to answer it; it’s probably for him. Fuck it, they’re not going away and it’s getting on my nerves; I guess I will. I hope it is not Robin Hely. For his sake, obviously. Heh.

3rd UPDATE – It was ~’s friend Film Student Boy; he was incredibly drunk. He just came into my room and wouldn’t stop apologising, because he could see I didn’t really forgive him. So I had to look him in the eye and pretend that I didn’t mind him virtually bashing down our front door drunkenly at three o’clock in the morning, to make him go away the hell out of my room.

I wish I had some weed.

This cigar is no substitute.


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4 Responses to In Other News

  1. Another final word on Neurocam? Friend, you’ve said that before.
    That’s quite an old Henley post there. I was as terrified as you are. Henley actually being Jason Lee. I was probably more shocked by Jason Lee being a demon.

  2. teigan

    I’ve never claimed to be making my final statement on Neurocam before.
    But I am now.
    Firedrake? Seriously? He is on this Work Units thing? I was absolutely convinced he had died in the great purge. Is it the same Firedrake?

  3. teigan

    Damn, I just sort of referred to Neurocam again. Damn!
    Why would he associate with a Neurocam-related thing? He got almost but not quite as fucked over as I did.
    Unless he jumped ship at the last minute and double crossed me, too. But I doubt that is the case; he was my one solid ally when the forces of darkness descended. I liked him. Black and Moore, we were a team.
    Then he mysteriously vanished off the face of the virtual earth.
    Ah, who cares.
    And let’s say that for the duration of this post it’s allowed.
    After that, it’s curtains for the Cam on Planet Teigan.

  4. teigan

    In other, other news – I’ve known Jason Lee was a demon for ages. Had no idea about the Henley connection, though. The things you learn, eh?

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