I’d Like To Thank The Academy

And also:

Honourable mentions:

And last but not least, my mum. Thanks for having me, etc. I appreciate it.

And various other people.

You are all – in your assorted different ways – special to me, and I love yiz. For whatever it’s worth.

That is all.

PS Interview went well.


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6 Responses to I’d Like To Thank The Academy

  1. jess

    so pleased! Give me a skype some time and tell me how it all played out. xx

  2. teigan

    which jess are you? i can’t even tell..
    but will do, anyroad.
    thanks 🙂

  3. You don’t know what I do?
    It’s an astounding list of skills really. But I’m glad you appreciate them, even if Radio 1 doesn’t.

  4. AG

    it’s an honor just to be nominated really…

  5. I have a feeling the Academy will be thanking you, in short order.
    Nice one, mate.

  6. wortwut

    glad it went well, lookin forward to the debrief

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