Well Pleased

I think so.

Update (Monday): You go, girl.

It almost makes me feel dirty to be enjoying this so much. It’s not as if I have any belief in Krudd & Co, or parliamentary democracy generally. I just really, really fucking hated this government. So it’s very satisfying to see them finally eating shit and dying.

I’ve been wishing for this day since long before I lost all faith in conventional politics.


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7 Responses to Well Pleased

  1. Politics is hard, let’s go shopping.

  2. teigan

    Why the fuck not.

  3. teigan

    Quite apart from anything else, it’ll be Good for The Economy.

  4. wortwut

    I was dancing and singing until 6am on Saturday night. You’ve gotta just enjoy it for a bit before the regularly scheduled cynicism kicks back in.

  5. If it was England, this time next year you’ll realise nothing’s changed.
    It’s possibly the same in Oz.

  6. teigan

    I don’t expect anything to Change in any sense that really matters as a result of this. The Whole System is completely rotten. I realised this some time ago.
    But some things will be better. Quite apart from anything else, I won’t read the news almost every single day and feel like killing certain people and/or emigrating to New Zealand.
    As I said, see above. The shittiness of our newly deposed former government was extreme. It’s just a huge (if basically cheap) thrill to see them be comprehensively defeated, and to watch them suffer.

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