Announcement: Everyone’s Too Stupid

The Mishukis‘ much-discussed debut LP Everyone’s Too Stupid is available at long last.

You can buy a copy for US$5.50 plus postage, or alternately build your own using these simple instructions.


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4 Responses to Announcement: Everyone’s Too Stupid

  1. A G

    “possibly the most important & inspiring LP ever produced by an alternate identity of mine”.

  2. SC

    for me it could do without the flange or whatever voice distortion you’re using.
    then again i guess that’s mishuki’s voice and that’s the whole point.
    hope all is well.

  3. I told him about the flange thing too. I said “Don’t use the flange!” But that was so long ago.
    I always thought you should cover Me Vs. Maradonna Vs. Elvis by Brand New… And then I’d do the singing and all that other stuff that isn’t a slow flange guitar.

  4. teigan

    I quite liked the flange, but M actually abandoned it on later tracks because it was garnering such a consistently negative response.

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