Announcement: I’m Going To Give It Another Two Weeks

I have decided. We’ll see how we go.


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10 Responses to Announcement: I’m Going To Give It Another Two Weeks

  1. Avery Cardoza

    Although I don’t comment here often, know that I still love you.
    Was that comma properly used?

  2. teigan

    Is this a trick question? Your comma, or some other comma?
    If the former, I would say yes. And in any case I am generally prepared to overlook (minor) punctuational improprieties in exchange for love.

  3. A G

    oh sure, it starts with forgiving a minor gramatical transgression, but soon you’ll overlook much worse.
    Like improper verb tenses.

  4. A G

    or incomplete sentences.

  5. teigan

    Like improper verb tenses.
    or incomplete sentences.

    These things are recognisable as stylistic flourishes and as such are forgiveable. Your woefully inconsistent capitalization, however, will not stand. You’re barred, AG. Never darken my comments again.

  6. AG

    scampers away with Tail between leGs

  7. teigan

    I’m sorry. Please forgive my intemperate fit of pique.
    *time passes*
    Ah, supid other people. Who needs ’em anyway. They’re only ever out for themselves and they don’t know shit about punctuation. They can die.
    *wind howls*
    Man, I’m so ronery.

  8. Am are rite sentanse.

  9. wortwut

    i hate supid people to

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