Wedding (finally)

Welcome back. Things have been crazy.

So, my sister’s much-anticipated wedding finally happened on Saturday the 17th. The whole family came to town. It was pretty full on. The event was roundly deemed a success.

A substantial number of pictures were taken.


Coffeeage in courtyard

Hangin with the fam


Tooling the cake

Surveying the site

Surveying the site

Surveying the site

Buying clothes

Emergency clothes shopping

Beers with Ben

Beers with the visiting Bentendo at Bar With No Name (favoured haunt of Neurocam renegades Iocus Severus and Nikolay Kamchatka)





Everyone applauded after the ceremony, which I found slighly strange but maybe that’s just me


Lunch (as consumed on grass)

Lunch was a picnicky affair

Lunch (as consumed at table)

Although some people weren’t down with that (which, y’know, is cool)

Sammy is shy

Sammy was quite intimidated by the whole thing initially

Sam & baby

Sammy excited

But he got over it


Despite persistent fears of rain, in the end it only spat slightly for a brief period during the speeches

Boule rules

Lawn games

Lawn games were played

Baby sis after lunch

It was all pretty good


Brunch invite

Coffee at Retro

Baby sis at brunch

Post-nuptial brunchery at Retro on Brunswick Street

Beers with baby sis

Beers with baby sis. We also went and saw Good Night, & Good Luck at the Kino Dendy, because I always do everything Lady J tells me to


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4 Responses to Wedding (finally)

  1. Dude,
    your sister’s hot,
    well, she’s blurry,
    …but if I squint.

  2. Why the hell doesn’t anyone in your family have a face?

  3. lady j

    because I always do everything Lady J tells me to
    brave man, putting that in writing. (and in public!)
    *plots evilly*

  4. This is totally unrelated to the wedding but Bentendo has the same shoes as me.

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