Cometh The Punk Rock Librarian (Part One)

Things Ben bought whilst visiting Melbourne:

Things Ben bought in Melbourne

  • Diskonto – “We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About” LP (“Raging dis-core; possibly Swedish, maybe Japanese people singing in Swedish”)
  • The Curse of Shank – self-titled LP (“Scottish power-violence”)
  • Combat Wounded Veteran – “Duck Down For The Torso” 10″ EP (“Awesome screaming artcore”)
  • Dead Silence – “Hell, How Could We Make Any More Money Than This?” 7″ (“Colorado guys making fun of Bad Religion“)
  • Spazm 151 – self-titled LP (“Raging Texan hardcore”)
  • A-Ha – “Take On Me” 7″ (“I can’t believe I paid $5 for this”)
  • Blondie – “Parallel Lines” LP (“Did you know Hanging On The Telephone was a cover?”) (NB I didn’t.)
  • Joe Satriani – “Surfing With The Alien” vinyl LP (“Fuck yeah!”)
  • Brian The Dog from Family Guy (“He might be based on Snoopy“)
  • Video of John Woo‘s Bullet In The Head (“John Woo! Fuck yeah!”)

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