Li‘s Literacy Skills Are Progressing Well

Li learns to write (note face, melted)

It’s really a shame about his face melting.


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5 Responses to Li‘s Literacy Skills Are Progressing Well

  1. Li

    Hahah, I forgot about that. What did I write again?

  2. I’m not sure, I must admit. (And now her royal bitchness has descended to resume residency I can’t check offhand.)
    But I’m sure it had a compelling mixture of humour and pathos, spite and vulnerability, harsh realism and wild psychedelic fancy.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, come to think of it, I think I wrote, “This isn’t Teigan’s fridge…it’s his sisters.”
    Can’t remember where I got the ellipsis from though.

  4. Anonymous

    And seriously, someone other than me really needs to have a go at cutting my hair. I never get the chance to see how bad I do with the back. Thanks for the heads up!
    Pun intended with force!

  5. I like a forceful pun, me.

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