Well, *shrugs*, I Got Out Of Mine


2005: Year of the Neurocam

The mysterious organisation known as Neurocam has been a significant force in my life this year. To what ultimate end, I’m still not entirely sure. And if I were, I sincerely doubt I’d be in any position to tell you.

But so much has happened, and I could hardly let the year’s end pass without giving it some full circle.

I applied to join Neurocam on the 19th of December last year, did my initial Perception Assessment on January 3rd, and became an Operative on January 14th.

I started my original Neuroblog on the 20th of January.

And the rest, as they say, etcetera.

There have been tears; there has been laughter (not a little of it evil).

Some day the whole sordid story will be told. But not today.

Some of the reportable highlights included:

Oh, yeah – the virtual (and not-so-virtual) menagerie of freaks unique and wonderful individuals I’ve encountered via the Neurosphere probably warrant some mention as well.

I know I’ve been a bit aloof lately (things. have been. crazy.), but I cherish and treasure you all, you freaks. *wipes tear*

It’s been fun. One cannot complain.


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4 Responses to Well, *shrugs*, I Got Out Of Mine

  1. You killed John Fowles! I’m turning you in!
    Aaaaaaaaaahh! Muuuurdderrerrr!!!

  2. Great to read through some of the old stuff again – but one question:
    (From the Bolte Bridge post) “Next was a diminutive middle-aged man named “American Guy”.”
    I’m not that short, and only a few years older than you (pouts). I do have the hair loss thing going on, though.
    On my recent sojourn in Fiji (report coming soon to a blog near you) I was told that in the local tradition, going bald meant that a man had a lot of money. Unforunately at least in my case this isn’t true. It’s sounds like the kind of stuff we baldies make up to make ourselves feel better. The other great one being that bald men are sexy (ok, this one IS true…)

  3. Grahukantar

    Do you know if Neurocam will re-open to new applicants in 2006?

  4. Blacklight

    Your journalistic skills coupled with the story of Neurocam would make possibly the next best gonzo journalism since Fear and loathing.

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