Stuff I Did This Year

– Lived a first full year in Melbourne, having migrated from my native Canberra in November 2004.

– Endured one month at Melbourne Uni before melting down and dropping out to become a fulltime disumbrationist, weblog administrator and Neurocam operative, amongst other things.

– Gave away approximately 1180 hours of my life to various people I don’t know and couldn’t give a shit about in exchange for money.

– Kept two blogs, totalling some 56,800 words:

  • Wrote 747,100 words of email to approximately 80 recipients.
  • Acquired my first domain name.
  • Started taking digital photos, saving 1178 (of which I uploaded 280 to Flickr. 80 of these, I discover to my disappointment, are no longer indexed – although they’re still there).
  • Qualified for my Ls and spent about 40 hours learning to drive.
  • Spent approximately 150 hours at the gym.
  • Created six semiautonomous people, of whom one remains alive, and five of whom are dead – including Henry Gagblat and the deeply unfortunate Ms. Gethsemane Nash, both of whom committed suicide (losers).
  • Had considerable dealings with the organisation known to the public as Neurocam International.
  • Read an astonishingly pitiful four books from beginning to end, and watched 46 movies (18 at the cinema and 28 on video & DVD).
  • Amongst other things.

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