The Neurocouncil

Operatives Rorschach and Li (note tragically melted face), and a non-blogging operative

It was a success, I think. A somewhat disappointing seven operatives showed up in person – Cat was there proverbially, and Operative Jojo sent an apologetic text message or two – but these operatives were not in themselves at all disappointing.

One I had never met but knew online. Three I had previously participated in an assignment with. Of these, one had officiated at my book burning, one I knew online, and one was half of the pair of elusive and, of course, mysterious non-bloggers who emerged from their holes – which is always good. One had discovered quite an interesting thing. (dude – email me)

A detailed report will not be made since somewhat inevitably more was said than is entirely suitable for broadcasting.

Operative “no pictures!” Reanimator and another non-blogging operative

Expect a William S. Burroughsesque audio cutup from Operative Reanimator shortly. Along with another interesting project or two.

An attempt at a collective audio blog post was made. It may require some work.

A good time was had by all.

I was a pussy and had to bail early.

Neurocam will be fine.

Everything is fine.


Li‘s melted face is admired by a non-blogging operative and American Guy

UPDATE – American Guy & Reanimator have reports which actually cover what we discussed to some extent, if you’re interested in that. A lot of Reanimator’s is made up, though…

2nd UPDATE – Rorschach and Li have also posted reports, Li’s being by far the most accurate.


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4 Responses to The Neurocouncil

  1. Raygun, did you wear a hidden camera like yo did at Bolte Bridge?
    (By the way, I’m going to call you Raygun from now on if that’s alright with you.)

  2. I never wore no hidden camera to Bolte Bridge! Who on earth told you that?
    And no, I’m afraid it isn’t alright at all.
    Love your work.

  3. I was secretly hiding under that table. If you ever look you’ll see ‘Nada was here July 27 :happy face, star, otherhappy pictures:’
    And someone stuck gum under there. Tsk tsk on whoever that was!
    The reason every time you guys went to pick up your drinks and said to yerselves “Damn, did I drink all of that?” was because I stole them and let my.. ermm… cat drink it. Yeah, my cat!
    Ahh. Great day that was. Great day.

  4. You mischievous little scamp.

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