Here Is The Neuronews

Official lines, in case there’s any confusion:

Bridget Fischer, as all operatives were recently advised, has stood aside temporarily due to conflict of interest concerns.

Charles Hastings is currently acting CEO and a very busy man.

Miles Carrefour and Gertrude Zelle have been suspended from duties pending an internal enquiry regarding “recent security breaches”.

The mail supposedly from Miles Carrefour posted recently on the Neuroboards is a “fabrication created by parties seeking to undermine Neurocam International”.

The Neurocam website has gone down because it “has been hacked and is no longer secure. We are currently working on a new encryption system to enable us to get back online as soon as possible. The timeframe on this is unclear at this stage.”

No one is receiving routine assignments. It is not known at this stage when they will start receiving them again. But they will.


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8 Responses to Here Is The Neuronews

  1. arerosesred?

    Interesting. Thank you.

  2. HitsHerMark

    So… Who’s “back” then?

  3. Nobody’s back. I’m not sure if is working but enquiries are being processed.

  4. Okay, you’re referring to this. Don’t know anything about that.

  5. Teigan, you and me are being told different things by the same person.

  6. Ruby units, see.
    No, just kidding. I’ve no idea.

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