Stay Tuned…


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  1. SC

    All I’m getting is static? :dunno:

  2. For the next episode of…

  3. Breathlessly awaiting further updates.

  4. Li

    I’ve been tuned in for 19 hours straight now, my eyes sting and my bladder is about to explode. I think my dog has passed out from dehydration.
    Who said that? I think there is someone in my room.

  5. Heh heh. You better feed these pups soon, Teigs, else they’re gonna start chewing the furniture.
    And there’ll be hell to pay if they pee on the couch, won’t there?

  6. There will be hell to pay if they pee on the couch.
    Although, you know, my couch is pretty shitty and I’m actually getting a new one in February.
    (Thanks, y’all)

  7. I tried that trick. It doesn’t work; can’t seem to tune Typepad into my TV.

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