I Can’t Believe

That I just wasted almost the entire afternoon installing Linux on my iPod and troubleshooting it.

What I can believe even less is that it almost feels as though it was worth the effort.

I’d include a picture, but ~ has hijacked my camera.

Actually, now that I have Linux on my iPod there is almost certainly some way of doing a screen capture.

But I’m fucked if I’m going to figure out what it is.


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  1. j

    Yeah, I’m about to attempt some serious iSurgery on my setup, too. Would never have thought of going the Linux route, tho — was going to start with wiping iTunes 7 from my machine (evil, evil, stupid program) and using a different music management program altogether. What gave you the Linux idea?

  2. teigan

    > wiping iTunes 7 from my machine
    That’s really drastic. I haven’t had any serious problems with it since the bugfix upgrade; maybe you are cursed.
    One suspects you’ll have an extremely hard time finding MP3 playerware for OSX that’s as good as iTunes.. actually don’t you need it? Doesn’t it have proprietory iPod-interfacery elements? Hmm
    And, you know, the one thing iPod Linux won’t do (well, there’s a couple of things it won’t do) is play music properly on a 5G.. the MP3 player is still in development hell
    >What gave you the Linux idea?
    Just the fact that it could be done. Always been sort of fascinated by Linux.
    It chews a negligible 30mb, doesn’t interfere with anything standard, and it means I can record audio, and play text adventures (yeah, with a scrollwheel-powered onscreen keyboard.. you get used to it) and Doom, and stuff. I can watch movies in any standard format. Etc. My iPod is a little computer now.
    Just thought it would be cool. And it is!
    Does that make me a geek?

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