What I Got For My Birthday

A can of whoop-ass Hagakure style yo Easy Surface Prep

Easy Surface Prep

A Discombobulator of my very own


Two bottles of apparently non-lethal Red Bull concentrate

Red Bull concentrate bottles

Two bottles of Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc

Arrogant Frog sauvignon blanc bottles

Two delicious, beautifully wrapped and generally special cupcakes (not shown)

What remains of the cupcakes

Colourful and appealing multimedia art products

Multimedia art

A hefty biography of John Fowles, bafflingly enough

A Life In Two Worlds

A black 30 gigabyte iPod, which was nice

iPod & Billie

A Brave New World mug

Brave New World mug

Cards & chocolate

Cards Chocolate

Amongst other things.

Thanks everyone. It was great!


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3 Responses to What I Got For My Birthday

  1. That cup of sand and water makes me want a mug of coffee.
    Happy Birthday, Australian!

  2. LOL at one of those sauvignon being open!

  3. teigan

    Actually they’re both empty. But full marks for attention to detail – even i hadn’t noticed that
    Thanks Ads

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