Sat Waiting For The Tram On Brunny Street This Afternoon

A man in a panda suit and sunglasses came up to me. He asked if I minded sitting next to a panda. I said “no, not at all”. He sat down.

I asked him if he’d always been a panda. “Yeah, pretty much.” He seemed kind of irritated by the question, and uninterested in further exchange. So I didn’t ask if I could take his picture, although I wanted to.

He probably gets sick of being treated like a freakshow.

It was good. Sitting next to him made me feel less self-conscious about wearing a shirt that’s technically a blouse, which I was (and still am).


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4 Responses to Sat Waiting For The Tram On Brunny Street This Afternoon

  1. That’s the most pleasant thing I’ve heard in weeks.

  2. I’m pleased.
    I drew the picture you requested yesterday btw. But it turned out useless. And I’d an idea you’d said a starfish instead of a seahorse.
    I’ll do a better one this evening.

  3. I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything.

  4. Not at all; I invited requests. It was my pleasure.

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