Wortwut Is Staying With Me At The Moment

She is doing a show at West Space. If you are in Melbourne (or have the means to travel), you should come to her opening tomorrow night.

Range Of Motion Catalogue

Then go to Freakley’s on Friday.

I am. You should too.


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8 Responses to Wortwut Is Staying With Me At The Moment

  1. You guys are so out of the way!
    Nestled in sunny Melbourne. But hey, I can’t blame you for living in Melbourne! Famous for it’s contemporary architecture and tram network… Am I right?
    Norwich is famous for mustard.

  2. And the man in the moon who came down too soon, course.
    You’re right! Except for the part about it being sunny.

  3. Seasons, sides reversed?

  4. wortwut

    woah, like, time [read: geographical] travel … now I am in even less sunny Canberra. My fingres are frezzinng up can harly typ8*v4

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