So, November Rolls Around Again

And, as previously advertised, I’m going to be spending much of it writing a 50,000 word novel. Wish me a broken leg. Heh.

I’m not sure how this will effect my blogging output; whether it’ll go completely dead, or through the roof, or stay basically the same, or grow into a (yet another) poignant and/or disturbing document of my progressive descent into total insanity, or what.

But I ‘spect we’ll find out!


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  1. Break a leg. Actually, that’s for actors – should we say break an arm?

  2. teigan

    Writers are actors, sorta
    Don’t wish me a broken arm, in any case! Funny thing: straight after posting that, I went to the gym. I was on the excercise bike, about half done, when I suddenly got *incredible* cramps in *both* my lower legs at once, which is something I’ve never had before.
    Had to cut it short.. and they’re still sore today.
    How’s about you just wish me well, ay

  3. Sorry about the legs. I had no idea my psychic powers had grown so strong. I must learn to use them for good, not evil.
    Nah, evil is much more fun.
    May the wind be at your back etc…

  4. >I had no idea my psychic powers had grown so strong.
    Major deja vu reading that there. I know I’ve read that before. Gah/Ow
    In anycase, don’t go too silent, Teigan, or else we’ll start to think you actually are dead. And then the whole world will collapse! for some… reason… and then, and then, and then…..

  5. teigan

    >Sorry about the legs. I had no idea my psychic powers had
    >grown so strong
    Nah – this was long before your comment, right after I posted.
    I did it to myself, heh
    Everything everyone does, they do to themselves
    >May the wind be at your back etc…
    *falls on face*
    >In anycase, don’t go too silent, Teigan
    Cheers Nads. I’ll be around.
    And now I would like you to wish me happy cactusing.
    That is what I would like you to wish me now.

  6. teigan

    Thanks again, my sweet
    It’s goin reeaal good
    Gettin a bit mellow now
    We ended up freezing a bunch coz I just couldn’t get it all down
    But a great success
    ok gotta go gotta go

  7. “If you’re not taking so much that going into it you’re afraid you did too much, then you didn’t do enough. Not the way people will take it to go to the movies, go to the beach, this and that. No, I talk about what I call “heroic” doses and “committed” doses. And if you only do heroic doses, then every trip will count. ”

  8. teigan

    “A few weeks ago some friends of mine and I went to a ranch in South Texas and took what Terrence McKenna called a ‘heroic dose’ – 5 dried grams. My third eye was squeegeed quite cleanly….. I spent 8 hours lying on a hill saying, ‘my God, I love everything’”
    This one certainly counted.. although I woulda done more if my gag reflexes hadn’t had other ideas.
    It was a heroic ingestion effort, if not a heroic dose.
    Still kicking myself for stupidly ekeing out those mushies from the other week. Had getting on for maybe 2 grams, but I kept taking a little bit and saving the rest for later… until there was none left.
    And even in pissweak doses, they were.. well, ‘good’ is hardly the word.

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