Ambitions, Revisited

Last July I posted a list of ambitions.

Time for a review.

  1. To work in a streetcorner newsbooth.
  2. Partly a joke – but I’d still quite like to do this. I suspect they’re basically owner-operator kind of deals, though. Gonna look into it this week.

  3. To become a cult leader by rising to the front ranks of Neurocam and then either taking it over, or creating a sizeable splinter group.
  4. Done. I became the head of Neurocam last August (and was subsequently deposed in November). Being a cult leader was fucking cool, if extremely intense and an insane amount of work. I want to be one again some day, in some form. It suited me nicely.

  5. To write a throwaway novel (“which I am doing in November“).
  6. As things turned out, I was too busy fulfilling ambition no 2 to do this last November. So I’ll do it this November.

  7. To make an album, provisionally entitled ‘Everyone’s Too Stupid (“which I will do next year when I have more time”).
  8. A change in outlook has seen this one deprioritised – although I might still release a compilation of Mishuki One‘s recordings for Hagakure 419 under said title, if a sufficient number of them accumulate.

  9. To study for and obtain a degree in Creative Arts from Melbourne’s premier university (“guaranteeing me a colourful and lucrative subsequent career as a Creative Artist”).
  10. I intend to begin persuing this one next year. Unless my career takes off stratospherically between now and then, of course.

  11. To finish reading “The Magus” by John Fowles, and then to ritually burn it.
  12. Done.

  13. To have fun and not care about people.
  14. To be beautiful.
  15. To be loved.
  16. Realisation of these three remain works in progress, although great strides have been made (admittedly, in some cases, made then lost) on all fronts.

Material things I wanted:
  • An umbrella.
  • Acquired.

  • A preamping device for my microphone.
  • Latterly I’ve been using my soon-to-be ex-housemate’s guitar pedals for this purpose. But they’ve stopped working – I think because the audio-in jack on my eMac is fucked. (Along with several of the USB ports.) But – see above – evolved approaches have rendered this less important than it used to be.

  • A Bigpond Movies membership.
  • With a Blockbuster just down the road, this has become less desirable. Although I would like to join ACMI, whose lending collection goes places theirs, frankly, doesn’t.

  • A region-free DVD player.
  • Acquired. (It isn’t really region free. But it’s okay.)

  • A better camera.
  • Acquired.

  • Peter Greenaway DVDs.
  • Some still pending, some acquired. In one case acquired (see previous link), then rendered unplayable due to careless handling.

  • See also: Amazon wishlist.
  • Note: the DVDs on this list are for reference only – although I know you’d love to buy them for me, I’m better off with locally-purchased Region 4s (see above).

Updated want list:
  • More driving lessons.
  • I started learning to drive in March last year, but stopped in September, due to being too busy & stressed. I’m no longer too busy/stressed, but I am too poor. Shall recommence when it becomes viable.

  • A cat.
  • Once my domestic arrangement stabilizes somewhat – and again, given sufficiently consistent income.

  • New trainers.
  • Soles of my current trainers:
    Worn out trainer soles

  • iPod Mini repair.
  • I bought a little 512mb Shuffle after my 4GB Mini broke for the second time late last year. At around $150 this was a substantially cheaper option than getting the Mini fixed. At this rate I will be able to get a Nano for less than the cost of getting the Mini fixed. In any case, I miss my Mini.
We’ll see what happens.


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9 Responses to Ambitions, Revisited

  1. A list?
    Lists usually end bad for me. But it seems that this one worked well for you. I’d never be able to finish a list though because I’d always add things.
    Didn’t you want to add anything? Or do you have to make a new list?

  2. j

    Damn, Teigan. Those sneakers are … something.

  3. teigan

    Old and in need of replacement? Tell me about it..
    I have boots also, which are in much better condition. But I never feel like wearing them very much at the moment.
    I find lists (and statements of intent) to be very useful sometimes.
    But I gots all the ambitions I need right now.

  4. jo

    I would love to do that course at Melbourne uni. I decided against it when I was in year 12 and went for prof. writing at Deakin instead because it’s more likely to produce a job at the end unless I scored an awesome yet highly sort after kinda job. I still think the one at Deakin is more practical but it’s way too far away.
    I would love to do theatre studies. Costume design would rock my socks…
    *le sigh*

  5. teigan

    Jobs in general are pretty stupid. I hate them. One day I will be free of them.
    I also think studying Creative Arts at an academic institution is kind of stupid in a lot of ways.
    But doing so is liable to help me figure out how to earn a living from being an Artist. I find the pay to be quite abysmal at this time.
    It will give me a socially credible arts-related Occupation. Which is a start. And I may just learn a thing or two; y’never know.
    My sister worked in the costume industry for a couple of years. She was quite successful. But she never studied very much; just a few units at TAFE.

  6. jo

    <- is jealous of your sister. Yeah. It's a wee bit wankerish studying creative Arts, particularly at Melbourne but I'd see it as being just a foot into the industry to get one of those rotten jobs. ; ) Methinks that most everyone works, the best that you could hope for is that you enjoy what you do. At the very least who you do it with... It's prolly just a pipedream for me though. What with $140 a day for childcare, unless I can actually get someone to pay me to study and dedicate the hours I need to such a time consuming course I don't think it's going to happen. *mope*

  7. teigan

    >Methinks that most everyone works, the best that you could
    >hope for is that you enjoy what you do.
    Well, there’s working – and there’s working as an indentured servant for other people.
    I work damn hard, and I love what I do. But I have yet to figure out how to earn any real money from it, so I can stop wasting my time and energy doing stupid idiot jobs in which I have little or no real interest on the side for the purposes of (just about) being able to afford to eat, and stuff.
    I will never be a career Employee. It works for a lot of people. But not me.
    >unless I can actually get someone to pay me to study
    Would you not qualify for Austudy, or something like that?

  8. I’d begin with new shoes. Start at Malkuth and end in Kether.

  9. teigan

    Ah, but Kether is in Malkuth and etc etc.
    Which is to say, I need a cat more than new shoes.
    The latter are cosmetic and of little importance. But the former seems Necessary.

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