Rejected food photos. These were originally going to follow the musli.

Intimate bread 2

Intimate bread


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4 Responses to Bread

  1. White bread?
    I never imagined you as a white bread kind of guy, Teigs.
    At least it’s not Tip Top or some crap like that.

  2. teigan

    I enjoy a range of breads. Variety, spice of life etc
    White bread was always a treat in my house growing up, and that conditioning is still with me. Hence I buy white bread on occasion. Although Bentendo actually bought this particular loaf iirc.

  3. Heh. Damn that conditioning. I was a brown bread kid and occasionally I buy a loaf of white vienna bread which I scoff with lots of butter and vegemite- and I still can’t shake that guilty feeling whenever I do. I feel better about myself when I’m ripping off school kids.

  4. teigan

    Heh! Yup, gotsta hate that durn conditioning..
    S’all fixable though. Potentially.

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