DVD Player

DVD player

I bought a DVD player on Tuesday. I am going to use it to watch movies.


(I also had to get this ridiculous adapter because my TV only takes a coaxial antenna cable.)

Remote control device

It came with a remote control device, which I appreciate as my TV does not have one.

(My old remote caught fire in 2003 from a candle which overflowed onto my rug whilst I lay asleep. I was awoken at 4am by my smoke alarm wailing like a banshee, the most acrid smell imaginable assailing my olfactories, to find said remote illuminated and twitching like Brundle’s final half-machine incarnation in The Fly – a movie, incidentally, which I own on DVD – in the centre of a smouldering black hole in my rug.

But I digress.)

Webflicks voucher

It also came with a voucher for two weeks’ free membership of WebFlicks, another NetFlicks-alike ala Bigpond Movies, which I have been contemplating joining for ages although I’ve resisted for financial reasons. Further investigation is called for on this front.

I was assured that my DVD player was multi-region capable, but neither my region 1 copy of Baise Moi nor – most disappointingly – my region 2 edition of the BFI‘s Early Films of Peter Greenaway Vol. 2 will really play properly. Which is sad.

(Now I need a DVD burner, which will provide a way around that problem.)

I have not yet actually watched a movie as such using the DVD player, but I have played the following movies on the DVD player in a wallpapery sort of a way:

That I Own

That My Neighbour Rented

  • Mr & Mrs Smith (the parts I paid attention to were good)
  • Eulogy
    (in which the presence of the evil Ray “loved by everybody” Romano is compensated for by that of the godlike Zooey Deschanel)
  • Fight Club (which I actually own, although my copy is held in Canberra by my friend the mysterious E)


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12 Responses to DVD Player

  1. “..I am going to use it to watch movies.”
    What an utterly absurd notion. Who in their right mind engages in that kind of reckless behaviour?
    Sorry to disappoint Teigs, but hardly any DVD players made recently are multi-regional. In fact, I would be surprised if any of them are.

  2. Li

    Ya Philips is quite consistently multi-zone. Ya just gotta punch-inna code.
    Many others are too, however it just can’t be advertised.
    I think because of terrorism.

  3. Li

    What ya really need is a player that reads DivX. That way you can fit a whole season of Six Feet Under on one dvd.
    I think it’s important in this day and age to never leave the house.

  4. Althea:
    >Sorry to disappoint Teigs, but hardly any DVD players made
    >recently are multi-regional. In fact, I would be surprised if any
    >of them are.
    >Many others are too, however it just can’t be advertised.
    But.. but.. mine *was* advertised as being multi-regional. It SAYS ‘multi-region’ on the goddamn box. I’d advise you to click on the link and see the product description for yourself, but I just realized it doesn’t work.
    Dick Smith has lied to me. But what more can one expect for $60? (Well, $120.)
    >What ya really need is a player that reads DivX. That way you
    >can fit a whole season of Six Feet Under on one dvd.
    You tolerate DivX-quality video just to prevent pesky disc-changing breaks interrupting your ingestion of *whole seasons* of Six Feet Under? Verily this is the dedication that makes a champion.. watcher of Six Feet Under

  5. Li

    >You tolerate DivX-quality video just to >prevent pesky disc-changing breaks >interrupting your ingestion of *whole >seasons* of Six Feet Under?
    Absolutely. Just like mp3’s, when encoded right, a divX is remarkably good quality. Also, like Anton Le Vey, I find the fixation on quality of picture and sound over quality of content to be disturbing. Then again, I grew up watching a television that had a green tint and rolled almost exlusively.
    I could watch Six Feet Under on wrist watch and still be have my mind blown.

  6. Li

    Btw, unless you haven’t yet seen base moi, it isn’t really such a loss that you can’t watch it is it?
    I do however feel your sadness about the Peter Greenaway dvd.

  7. I really don’t like Peter Greenaway, but the VRYL Society rocks.
    Howard Campbell saved me tonight…
    You should all come and see. It it a miracle.

  8. The VRYL Society? Are they connected with the VUE commission?
    >You should all come and see. It it a miracle.
    Being without sin, this service is of no use to me – but I’ll happily cast the first stone and say that, people being what they are, as a venture it seems destined for huge success.
    Consider, if you will, what the Catholic Church has accomplished with a very similar concept – but without the sex appeal of a Titan or the memetic engineering smarts of a Mack.
    Exciting times.
    (I also tremendously enjoyed the bit where Chris compared his career in Neurocam to that of Howard Campbell in Vonnegut’s ‘Mother Night’.)

  9. What is happening? I am confused… I don’t remember writing that. Is it possible that there are two Clovers?
    I hope for my sake that I am the nicer one.

  10. Anonymous

    Yes, you should get a dvd burner. They are great things when you get a dvd rental service like Netflix.
    And I am very very excited over my Region 2 copy of Eyes Wide Shut that may be over the Atlantic at this very moment.
    I mean, it’s my favorite movie. Kubrick’s finest. And the US release is butchered.

  11. I watch dvds on my computer, but my dad has his dvd player hooked up to the tv through the vcr, since he couldn’t find one of those evil adaptors you have. Works pretty well.

  12. A G

    Eyes Wide Shut as Kubrick’s finest? Surely you jest?
    It was a blight on his career and a sad note to go out on. Imagine if the last thing you did professionally involved Tom Cruise.
    Unless, since you didn’t sign your name, you ARE him.

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