Baby Sis Fractured Her Knee

About two months ago.

She fell out of a tree at 5:30 in the morning.

Baby sis w/ crutch

All she needs now is a parrot and a plank.

(I was going to mention this in the wedding post, but I forgot.)


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4 Responses to Baby Sis Fractured Her Knee

  1. I was going to ask about that.
    Hell, if you’re gonna fracture your knee, etc.
    (Baby sis is starting to sound like quite the rock star, Teigs.)

  2. Actually the ones with crutches and parrots & planks are generally called ‘pirates’ but she’s a rockstar pirate

  3. Did I mention that she fell out of the tree because she was attempting to read “Breakfast of Champions” by the light of her phone?

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