I Want To Work In A Streetcorner Newsbooth

Seriously. How do you get a job in one of those?

Streetcorner newsbooth

I’d be great. I could keep my toe in the communications industry, without compromising my integrity. And it would sound cool, too. “Oh, I work in a streetcorner newsbooth.” “Wow, that must be interesting; what do you do there?” “Well, I sell news.”

I can just see it.

I still want to work in a cinema. Longer-term readers will remember my ill-fated encounter with Village a while ago, which was disheartening. I haven’t approached any others, partly coz I’m too shy, and partly because the dearth of proper, livable-off positions in the field is somewhat demotivating. Maybe I should, though.

I don’t know.

Work! *throws up hands*

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