This Just In: Robin Hely Is The Architect of Neurocam

… or so he claims… according to some website linked by an anonymous commenter at American Guy’s.

Founded in August 2001, Conical Inc is a non-profit contemporary art centre directed by Adrien Allen with support from a core committee of 6 practising artists.

One of whom is none other than La Hely:

Robin Hely has had a checkered career as an artist working mainly in the medium of deception. The last five years has seen him masquerading as a missing person, attempting to deliver a 1m x 2.5m parcel to unknown recipients in Oporto Portugal, filling up Conical gallery with cardboard boxes, going on a blind date wearing a hidden camera and setting up a secret underground organization dedicated to altering the perceptions of its participants.

Hely was born on a sheep farm somewhere in New Zealand and purchased a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography on the internet during 1993. After traversing the globe and learning the trade of a fine artist he returned to New Zealand to study. Following the erection of two billboards in conjunction with a spurious advertising campaign he was awarded a Masters in Fine Arts with distinction.

Hely now resides somewhere in Victoria and has developed a penchant for wearing masks.

And they’re right here in Fitzroy.

UPDATE – Tript‘s remarks are acknowledged.


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3 Responses to This Just In: Robin Hely Is The Architect of Neurocam

  1. The secret underground organisation I set up was not the Neurocam you speak of.

  2. Rob, what underground organisation did you set up?

  3. I’d quite like to know that as well.

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