New Camera!!

Photographed using old camera:

New camera

Old camera photographed using new camera:

Old camera

Other gifts I have recieved:

  • Amazon gift voucher from an undisclosed Neurocam Operative, with which I bought this.

  • Someone made me a cake:

  • About 60 people associated with RMIT Photography, the vast bulk of whom I did not know, sang me ‘Happy Birthday’.

  • I was blessed with several text messages and a phonecall from baby sis.

  • And Li, for reasons best known to himself, sent me this remarkable animated gif of David Hasselhof breakdancing in what appears to be a chipmunk suit:


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6 Responses to New Camera!!

  1. Li

    Nice work with the ixus. Make sure to have a go of the panoramic feature. I still have fun with that.

  2. Oh um… Happy Birthday!
    Expect a birthday postcard in about 2 weeks time.

  3. Isn’t that MC Hammer’s body?
    Regardless, that might be the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

  4. OMG it *IS* MC Hammer! And the Hoff! Combined!
    I love internerds.
    Wah, I’m jealous. I don’t wanna wait another 3 months for my birthday.
    (hang on… less than three months, even… WOOT!)

  5. I stand corrected – it is Hammer and the Hoff combined. Doesn’t diminish the work at all, imho.
    Adam – can’t wait.
    Li – haven’t tried the panoramic features yet – do you need to use the software? My cd was damaged! I can’t extract movies either yet. Damn nuisance. It is a *lovely* little camera tho.

  6. Li

    “haven’t tried the panoramic features yet – do you need to use the software?”
    Yeah, it comes with software called photo stitch. On the camera you hit the menu button, then scroll down to stitch assist. After you’ve taken your series of photos, you upload them to your computer and use the photo stitch software to stitch them all into a panoramic.
    I’ve still got the cd, i can burn it for you if you’d like.

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