Pritchard, Pritchard, Pritchard

He remains a riddle wrapped in an enigma. And beautifully so, it must be said.


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7 Responses to Pritchard, Pritchard, Pritchard

  1. That’s a clever way to hide a link on the page with all the phones.

  2. He is very artistic. I like him.
    … Wait… Dan Pritchard has your phone?

  3. It’s been changed. This isn’t another Titan thing is it?
    That picture is familiar somehow. Hrm.

  4. Crikey, so it has.
    It’s Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue. With the Fiat NOX octopus on her face.
    *just looks bemused*
    Pritchard is not known to be in league with Titan.

  5. Chris Titan

    We are a very big organization…

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