Have You Seen This Phone?

It’s escaped.

I don’t even have any pictures of it. I took it for granted, I guess. Maybe I deserved to lose it.

It had all my numbers in it. Probably still does.


Come back to me, phone.


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12 Responses to Have You Seen This Phone?

  1. You left it at my house.

  2. Well, that’s a relief.
    Odd, though – I don’t remember going to Norwich this week.

  3. Well no you wouldn’t, you were quite out of your mind at the time.

  4. That would explain it. Damn you, Neurocam! DAMN YOU TO HELL (not really)

  5. http://www.abc.net.au/4minutewonders/showcase/beats.htm
    Is this the phone you are looking for?
    there is another find…you may know about but I was pleased to find tonight…on my blog.
    “Well no you wouldn’t, you were quite out of your mind at the time.”
    I have tried to warn you guys about how powerful those compounds are. Watch the video…it really will clear somethings up for you.

  6. God, yeah, that made it clearer.
    Dude we’re talking about losing a telephone…

  7. What compounds, Chris?
    Don’t answer that. There is no Compound H7-whatever afaik.

  8. And don’t give us any of that ‘denial masks admission’ crap either.
    Begone! *makes sign of cross, sprinkles holy water*

  9. you know chris, i actually watched that video… and even i don’t know what the fuck youre talking about.
    probably a riddle i can’t solve (sigh) I always find myself in a Pinch. :/

  10. Damn…you guys are real subtle.
    Teigan is looking for his phone…
    His phone is in the hands of a man in wheel chair closely gaurded by thugs. This man’s face is masked in bandages. He is dialing in a code word into his cell phone…
    Who picks up? The beautiful new CEO Harriet Moore, those legs and that coat…she gets a coded message SENT FROM TEIGAN in his wheel chair. He obviously a very high ranking Neurocam operative and has valuable data that must be extracted.
    Beats…”beats is the drug”. Addiction to Neurocam, to information, and if you are lucky enough to make contact with the compounds themselves…you will understand.
    You know about the story of Hassan i Sabbah? After one visit to his Garden of Paradise the operative was willing to die on command to re-enter this paradise. We are not as gullible today, but once you get a real taste of the Compounds you will do ANYTHING to get more.
    I would not be suprised if Teigan was not having some problems with the company Compounds, it would be in character for a Cmpound junkie to hop a plan in a fit and not recall it when he snaps out.
    I think that is how we lost Tript.

  11. I don’t know what compounds you’re on Titan, but I wouldn’t mind trying some myself.
    I almost deleted this, but it’s just too funny.
    (PS Hassan i Sabbah is not the architect of Neurocam.)
    (As far as I know.)

  12. bentendo

    dude that sucks.
    i nearly threw my phone in the river today, but if my ability to dispose of my own phone, as i pleased was taken away from me i would be pissed off.
    the end

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