Intelligent Discussion Thread On The Neuroboard

I always knew one would happen eventually.

PS – I feel silly even responding to this, but for the record I am not Dan “Conchis” Pritchard. For starters we live on opposite sides of the world. This would surely be very easy to prove.


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13 Responses to Intelligent Discussion Thread On The Neuroboard

  1. Don’t believe a word he said,
    I’m still alive and my blog ain’t dead!

  2. Mite

    Odds were that someone would do it,
    Yucky’s response was really astute,
    And if, by chance, we find the time,
    We’ll scratch our heads and post in rhyme!
    (Welcome back Tript?)

  3. Thank you Mr. Tript, for showing us all once again How It Is Done.
    PS I never said that you were dead! It’s all in your head! If people have gained that impression I hardly think it fair to blame me...

  4. You’re not Dan, eh?
    Well, you’re not the one posting the smart-quoted text to your blog that appeared jumbled in the unconchis site itself. So, I guess I believe that (who said otherwise?). 🙂
    Where’s he meant to be?

  5. 7 people have either told me or told me that other people have told them that I am Dan Pritchard. It amuses me greatly.
    London, I believe.

  6. That is pretty funny. Especially when everyone can tell you’re really CHRIS TITAN in in a skimpy disguise, aren’t you? I’ve found you out – there’s no escape.
    Go on – admit it to the world!

  7. You have discovered my terrible secret.
    I am, in fact, Chris Titan. *kills self*

  8. Wow, have I been out of loop! People get assed and others rehired. There is, apocrophally, an intelligent conversation on the Neuroboards. Teigan is revealed to be Dan Pritchard and Christ Titan simultaneously while Egotript demonstrates his divine powers by dying and coming back to life. Interesting times.
    Is Neurocam doing assignments again or what?
    I ain’t coming home until there is an appropriate level of head-fuck.
    Umm…I’ll go back to my rock.

  9. Neurocam fucks those who fuck themselves.
    Great to see you (sort of) back!

  10. I’ve got some groundbreaking news lads and lasses…
    I am actually Teigan, Chris and Dan… and Tript too (hey, why not?)
    What really confuses me is that i’m not Adam… Teigan is.

  11. It’s all true! It’s ALL TRUE!
    *weeps wretchedly into hands*

  12. Random Voodoo

    Since when did Tript die? I missed that news bulletin.

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