All Change II

Due to tedious circumstances beyond my control, I’ll be relocating back to B%$&ger in a few days. Rest assured that the format you know and.. apparently don’t dislike will remain the same.

Gethsemane – who I have recently taken pity on and appointed as my personal assistant (hopefully having something worthwhile to do will keep her mind off her recent heartbreak and away from the Dubonnet & gin) – has yet to finish setting everything up, but the new url will be:

Devastatingly beautiful template submissions are very welcome.

UPDATE – Turns out this won’t be necessary after all. Probably. Apologies!

And I’ve fired Gethsemane – she was hopeless.


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7 Responses to All Change II

  1. Well a brief hunt has turned up…. not a lot. Sorry. :-/
    There’s a pretty cool couple here (Paranoia):
    But they’re for WordPress and would take some work to change. I may make a more concerted effort later after the green hands have been bought.

  2. I am the king of sort of half finished, shady looking templates!
    What exactly are you looking for?

  3. Adam is going to make me a template! Yay.
    Mite – you’re buying green hands??

  4. Bought them. Or at least bought some fleshy ones. They’re green /now/ though.
    No-one sells green ones anymore – what is the world coming to? *sigh*

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