Neurocam Identifier

As requested.

Neurocam Identifier

I do requests, y’know.

It just takes me a little while sometimes..


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18 Responses to Neurocam Identifier

  1. Xul Solar

    God I wish I could play again, but I’m so busy these days.

  2. But everyone remembers Xul Solar.

  3. Xul will never be forgotten as long as I (and, I venture, Lady J) are still around.
    Frankly I find it sad that a person can imagine themselves too ‘busy’ for Neurocam. As if there were better things upon which to spend one’s time

  4. lol i feel like an ass writing this.
    but who is xul?

  5. Does anyone see a masked dude with an evil smile holding up a knife in that badge?

  6. We’ll have none of your sedition here, former Operative Cronin
    You seriously came on the scene since Xul Solar 23 hung up his beard (of stars)? Wow, time flies..

  7. Anonymous

    So why do they want our picture then? I was sure we’re gonna get some sort of ID thing.

  8. Because it makes it easier to kidnap you, duh.

  9. Boo!

    Soooo prettyy!
    I want one. 😀
    Thank you for posting a picture of it.

  10. S’apleasure.
    >I was sure we’re gonna get some sort of ID thing.
    Like an ID card? I doubt that’s what they’ve got in mind.
    enquiries@neurocam or the indefatigable Mr “Energizer Bunny” Black could probably confirm this for you.

  11. Steve makes a good point though – anyone got a theory on what the pic is supposed to be? (you inducted types probably can’t say, I’m guessing Teigan)

  12. It’s always looked like an eye to me.
    There is as far as I am aware no hidden meaning or subliminal payload in the Identifier logo.

  13. Oui, I always assumed it was an eye. Look at it the other way up and you’ll see it.

  14. I shot it upside down really. I’ve rotated it.

  15. I’m still intrigued by Mr “Energizer Bunny” Black remark. That’s not one I’ve heard before, but then I’ve never had any contact with him.
    Does he take Duracell?

  16. >Mr “Energizer Bunny” Black
    I don’t know what he’s on (possibly dexamphetamine, like JFK – to whom he has also been compared), but he just keeps on goin’. It’s inspiring.

  17. Eye? I don’t know what ya’ll are talkin about.
    I def see a masked face holdin up a knife, posed to strike, with a messed up smile.

  18. Charles Foster Kane


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