So, Things That Need Fixing:

  • My eMac (can’t take audio input, even via an external mic; this is No Good At All)
  • My TV (does not really need to be fixed; just needs a new adapter coz the old one got wet and died) (see also: DVD player)
  • My camera, apparently

Amount of spare cash I have lying around: none.

Prostitution is looking real good right now. I think it would pay better than conducting legitimate social research, be more fun, and also do more to make the world a better place.

But how do you get into the industry? Is there a TAFE course or something?


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2 Responses to So, Things That Need Fixing:

  1. wortwut

    your camera? again??

  2. teigan

    Yup. Don’t even know why. Last time it was because Wouters dropped it off a roof. This time the on-off button has just spontaneously decided to stop working. It’s a damn nuisance.

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