There Is A Dead Cat In The Gutter Outside My House

I really wanted to take a picture and post it, but my camera has mysteriously died also.

So it goes.

Update (Tuesday) – Cruddy phone-camera pic:

Dead cat


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8 Responses to There Is A Dead Cat In The Gutter Outside My House

  1. Liv

    What colour is it?

  2. teigan

    It’s sort of browny tabby. With a big pinky-purply gash on its side where it’s been ripped open, presumably by a car.
    I did actually take a picture with my phone but it’s probably not very good.

  3. Liv

    RIP miaowy.

  4. Liv

    It’s so fluffy!

  5. wortwut

    it’s amazing how fake this dead thing looks.
    it’s fairly horrible.

  6. teigan

    It had been dead a while.
    Dead things often look fake during the window between being freshly deceased and unrecognisably decomposed. It’s coz they’re reminiscent of an alive thing – but they’re not; they’re a dead thing.
    I like horrible sometimes.

  7. Liv

    Not even a ‘dead’ thing. Just a thing. That cat has completely changed form. It no longer represents purrs and cuddles.

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