Random Pictures Of The Week Since I Got Back

Breakfast on Brunswick St w/ Gab & Grimsey

With Toots @ Black Cat (NTS: red wine is evil)

G-made tom yum soup

Lid necklace seen in Fitzroy back alley post surreal St Kilda ammyl jaunt

Birthday cocktails for Paddy P on Lygon

True story

Making sushi for my birthday party, tonight

This picture doesn't need a caption


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7 Responses to Random Pictures Of The Week Since I Got Back

  1. teigan

    I know right
    Tell me about it, omg etc

  2. Look at the size of her!
    Hey, remember when she was under your house for like a week?

  3. teigan

    I do.
    Indeed I remember when I first got her and she hid under the kitchen cupboard for, like, 24 hours and I thought she had run away.
    Happier times, simpler times etc.
    Not really.
    She’s more relaxed these days. It’s nice.

  4. wortwut

    I like the beauty spot on Nads’ chin.
    Um, happy birthday for t’other day as well, like.

  5. teigan

    Twern’t bad; twern’t great. The documentary/fiction crossover element was interesting but badly handled and made it feel extremely contrived a lot of the time. Charlyne Yi’s great though

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