Seriously! Go read Hagakure 419!

If you have enjoyed this (possibly now defunct) weblog, you will have multiple orgasms over the ‘Kure.

It’s filled with bloggy goodness the likes of which you ain’t been seeing round these parts for ages. It’s a depraved new world! And quite frankly, you owe it to yourself to get into it. Any way you can.

What are you, scared?

I reckon you’re just scared.

Our resident Enlightenment Officer, Calumny Pointsettia, sent out a promotional email which was a bit over the top. Perhaps it frightened everyone off. I tried to tell her to tone it down a little, but she wouldn’t listen. She gets a bit carried away sometimes. But that’s just because she loves our little house blog so much.

Go on – we’ve got Chesh and everything.

What more could you possibly want?


There’s nothing more that you could possibly want.


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4 Responses to Seriously! Go read Hagakure 419!

  1. Are those multiple orgasms guaranteed? Coz, like, you promised.

  2. Yes! Yes! YES!
    Absomolutely guaranateed.
    This is the secret weapon which allows me to be confident everyone will read my blogs despite my being my being too… er, busy and overwhelmed to read anyone else’s. (Y’know, it isn’t coz I’m a lazy self absorbed cunt or anything..)
    Blog-induced multiple orgasms.
    And one day, I’ll even explain how it’s done.
    One day. If there’s sufficient demand.

  3. Stephen Cronin

    Christ I completely threw up laughing at your drunken video. What the fuck slugs!!!
    Hilarious dude.
    H419 kills me.

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