Things To Be Thankful For (Seven)


Specifically: really goddamn good art.

Notes from The Vorticist

Fuck yeah.

(Previously; elsewhere.)


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5 Responses to Things To Be Thankful For (Seven)

  1. Gab

    I really liked this project. Not enough to partake (probably. I think I want to begin subscribing to a never say never attitude), but I like it.

  2. teigan

    I’m a fan of never saying never.
    And FWIW, I’d really encourage you to make an Appointment if you’re the slightest bit inclined.
    It’s fun and it’s free! Just like the Scientology personality test. But, y’know, not.
    (Mr Maling is no L. Ron Hubbard. That’s partly why I like him so much.)

  3. Gab

    I sent Ramm a link to the website; I think he’s interested. He was dubious over the Hely connection but I soothed his worries.

  4. teigan

    (The point I was making above is that to me JM is kind of recognisable as the anti-Hely.)

  5. Gab

    I was fully aware of what you meant 🙂

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