Stuff I Did This Year


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  1. A G

    now that’s a full year – and well timed on posting it at the last possible minute* so as to make sure that nothing significant happened after you wrote this.
    *ah the magic of changing the clock

  2. Whatabout adding stealing my bit to the list?

  3. You should divide those things into stuff you’re proud of and stuff you’re not proud of. This way, you can evaluate your year in the simplest way.

  4. There I go using my e-mail as my name again.



  6. Tira Misu

    So… basically
    did drugs
    did drugs
    did drugs
    destroyed some stuff
    did drugs

  7. teigan

    Man, I turn my back for 24 hours and everything becomes all confusing.
    Okay, the IPs on these comments are consistent. If anyone has been spoofed let me know.
    Tript – sincerest form of flattery etc. Even when it’s done subconsciously, as in this case. Besides, I also did this last year, so it’s kind of become my bit now. 😛
    Adam – Je ne regret rien.
    Adam – Why do you keep doing that? Is it because I still owe you mail? Or are you just fishing for spam?
    Tript – Don’t call Adam an idiot; he is my friend.
    Tira Misu – Look closer! I also went to some places, made some art, threw some parties, acquired some stuff, did various weird and/or tedious things in exchange for money, and had an existential crisis. Amongst other things. Moreover, the drugs were all novel drugs. I got my money’s worth this year.

  8. (Not-so) Mighty Mite

    New year greetings, belatedly. I got to digging through old bookmarks again (I do that sometimes), it sounds like a most eventful and productive year (in parts). As has been said already: kudos!
    Shame I’m too late for the post-op join up. Might’ve been interesting.
    *Goes off to read the Black Report at long last*

  9. teigan

    Man, they’re all coming out of the woodwork. Hello again!
    >Shame I’m too late for the post-op join up.
    >Might’ve been interesting.
    It might have been. But it wasn’t. The best part of the whole episode was when He(n)l(e)y himself tried to join, and I wouldn’t let him. Apart from that, you missed very little.
    >*Goes off to read the Black Report at long last*
    Hope you enjoy.

  10. (Not-so) Mighty Mite

    I think it’s an effect of the new year. For my own part it was getting a new computer and going through archives that sparked off looking up old friends. Plus a growing interest in exploring the world of Blog more effectively than before now.
    Let’s call it the ‘Auld Acquaintance Effect’. Either that, or it’s me getting old and wanting to seek out folk I knew and liked and lost touch with due to my own laziness/insecurity/etc. Perhaps both!
    Still reading the doc (very slow reader). Will post again when done, if you like.

  11. teigan

    >I think it’s an effect of the new year.
    I think you’re right.
    >Still reading the doc (very slow reader). Will
    >post again when done, if you like.
    Would be most interested in your thoughts.
    Apart from people telling me I’m a traitor and an idiot for posting it (the fact that it was, like, my own goddamn work was apparently of no significance) I’ve had almost no feedback. I don’t think Henley himself ever even read it.
    Grandaddy Henstock liked it, though; I was chuffed about that. (There’s someone I really *do* need to write to..)

  12. (Not-so) Mighty Mite

    Pfft. I don’t see you as a traitor; you know that much I hope!
    Unfortunately preps for going away have swallowed my time as a priority. I think I’ll print it and read it whilst travelling. Maybe I’ll wear a tribly and trenchcoat whilst doing so, just to make it feel all proper-like.

  13. (Not-so) Mighty Mite

    ‘Trilby’ even. 🙂

  14. teigan

    Maybe that’s what Adam was talking about.
    (PS I need a new housemate.
    a for fuhrer dovetails NOW!!

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