I Went To A Soccer Match Yesterday

Soccer ticket

I actually worked at Telstradome for a period last year, but I had never been to any kind of football game before in my life.

It was pretty cool. That said, it’s conceivable I only found it to be as such because I was half-tripping on mushies, something else I have never done before.

Telstradome Arena

Absolutely true story: on our way to catch the tram going out, we passed a guy who tried to hit us for change. When we said no, he looked me straight in the eye and shouted “magic mushrooms!” before going back to reaming the coin dispensers on a bank of public phones.

~ assures me I was not visibly fucked up in any way at all.


But in retrospect… awesome!

People crossing bridge


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4 Responses to I Went To A Soccer Match Yesterday

  1. Melbourne Victory have a very optimistic name.

  2. teigan

    Yes. It’s probably some kind of subtle psychology thing. But it failed them on this occasion; Adelaide won 1-0.
    It’s probably also to do with Melbourne being the capital of VICTORia.
    Not to mention notorious for being absolutely convinced of its innate superiority to all other major Australian cities.

  3. I’m a big fan of Townsville, who got to make up that name?
    Is it a town? Is it a village?

  4. teigan

    You know, I’ve been hearing the name ‘Townsville’ since my youth but (so) it’s never ever occurred to me what a funny name it actually is.

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