Scenes From A Zenarchist Coffee Ceremony

Initial setup dark

Initial setup light

Candle, spliff, chess pieces

Light table

Double spliff

Smoking double spliff

Dark table



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6 Responses to Scenes From A Zenarchist Coffee Ceremony

  1. j

    Wow — that looks beautiful and amazing. I think I’d like to ring in the new year with a Zenarchist coffee ceremony.
    (note to self: need nice ashtray)
    (and more candles)
    (and a second coffee mug)
    (er, and a new coffee maker … )

  2. teigan

    We used a horrible ashtray. Worked fine.
    But I’m afraid people who have given up coffee are not allowed to participate in Zenarchist Coffee Ceremonies

  3. j

    I haven’t *really* given it up.
    Had some this morning and it was tragically delish, in fact.
    I just need to get a job before I start buying replacement appliances. Still don’t even have first editions of some of the essentials…

  4. teigan

    >I haven’t *really* given it up.
    I’m so glad!
    You should have one then; they’re rather nice
    Word up to Semi for proposing this one

  5. T’was a pleasure.
    Props to ~ also, for his incredible rolling skills.

  6. Cuuuuuuuuuupppcaaaakkkess.

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