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I missed most of 2007.

It started excellently, and ended okay. Adventures were had, things were discovered; it was not a total dead loss. But overall it will not be remembered as a banner year on Planet Teigan.

This year, amongst assorted other things (see archives), I:

  • Misguidedly started a BA at Melbourne Uni for the second time, and then dropped out after a month for the second time.
  • Got kinda down.
  • Just about survived winter without going totally insane or throwing myself under a train.
  • Gradually got better.
  • Got totally ditched, in my absence, by the artist formerly known as Lady J after an extremely Significant & Intense 18-month relationship.
  • Spent approximately 680 hours conducting telephone-based social research for money. (The weirdness, the horror, the tedium etc). (Also: The doodling.)
  • Somewhat overambitiously applied & was interviewed for a BFA at one of the premier art schools in the country, despite having basically no traditional visual art-type skills or talent at all. Was not accepted.
  • Spent what probably cumulatively amounts to several months on Facebook.
  • Drank quite a lot.
  • Various other things which are none of your damn business. Who the hell are you, anyway? Who are you really? etc

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