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Random Pictures Of The Week Since I Got Back

Breakfast on Brunswick St w/ Gab & Grimsey

With Toots @ Black Cat (NTS: red wine is evil)

G-made tom yum soup

Lid necklace seen in Fitzroy back alley post surreal St Kilda ammyl jaunt

Birthday cocktails for Paddy P on Lygon

True story

Making sushi for my birthday party, tonight

This picture doesn't need a caption


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I think it’s safe to say we have now officially passed through the gaping abyss of infinite horror.

We left the territory it represented without regret; it smelt of guano.

Half-open gate

Life is.

ION: Chez Hagakure housewarming this Saturday, finally.

It will be good; you should come.


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There’s nothing like hearing that a long-lost but much loved friend has died to put things in perspective.

At times like this I always fantasize about an impossible party; absolutely everyone who’s ever been special or important to me throughout my life hanging out and being awesome together, with no consequences or liability.

I have much more out-there – and much less self-centred – visions of heaven, but I’d settle for that.


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Stuff I Did This Year

On previous December 31sts, I’ve posted a bullet-pointed list of things I did the preceding year.

In keeping with the strategy I adopted at the start of 2008 – which consisted of being lost but unconcerned (and liable for nothing), and then just, y’know, seeing what happened – I’m not going to do that this year. The resultant twelve months have been much too complex and chaotic for that.

Stuff certainly happened. That it all went spectacularly wrong in the final quarter makes it easy to forget what an eventful and, for the most part, legendary year it’s been. I made some awesome friends, brutally lost a couple of others (in one significant case, re-made and then re-lost, which was.. a bit upsetting), and had all kinds of adventures along the way.

Being lost but unconcerned, I started out with only one very minor concrete Goal: to make a second Mishukis album. In a single day. Then my computer died and all my internet accounts got hacked, and I went to Rainbow Serpent and witnessed the apocalypse. The liberator who destroyed my property realigned my perceptions, and even that humble project was forgotten; life took over.

In awesomeness terms, the whole thing peaked at Easter. It was all about the Smart Party (RIP, sigh), the return of baby sis, and reconciling with J & Henley (sigh, redux).

That awesomeness carried me all the way through winter, which – although not without its trials and dramas – pretty much went off.

Then, on my birthday, as triggered by the mother of all braincaving interpersonal trainwrecks, I dropped my LBU-LFN ball and the world turned. The following three months were discombobulated, angstridden, choronzonic, and Generally Completely Sucked.

There always has to be a meltdown at some point, apparently. Oh well.

I’m feeling a bit better now.

2008 was, see above, very significantly about people. Most notably my three successive housemates Cel, this woman, and Gr*ms*y; the SP, being Sims, Liv, Ramm, Allan (nominally), Porter (all too briefly), and this chick; my colleagues Henry & Wielgosz, Kinkel, Harrie, The Major, fucking Wouters, Kav, Cross, Interviewer 2003 and Coburg; also: the two Robins (just because neither are talking to me anymore doesn’t mean they don’t both rate a mention), Thad, Fr**kl*y, Em and Toots. Finally (again, and especially): G.

People are good. We’re problematic sometimes, but I like us.

Happy new year.


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I Am Still Alive



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Canberra Redux (One)

So yeah – Toots & I went to Canberra the weekend before last.

We grew up there. I left in 2004, and haven’t been back since 2005 (previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously).

I Facebooked the whole trip from beginning to end in status updates and pictures from my phone. Which gave me a thrill. Fuck you if you can’t understand.

(No seriously – fuck you, dear reader. Fuck you to hell. I hope your face is revoltingly disfigured by a horrible flesh eating virus. I really mean that.)

The ‘Tendo suggested I post the whole mini-feed saga in all its glory here. But even I have my limits.

Here’s some pictures and audio, though. Hover for captions etc.


Teigan is turning on flight mode. 2:16pm / Teigan is turning off flight mode. 3:26pm

Teigan is at Gus's. This is quite weird. 5:05pm

Teigan is watching Toots shop for wedding clothes, etc. 5:30pm

Teigan is watching Toots shop for wedding clothes, etc. 5:30pm

Teigan is loitering in Civic bus interchange. 5:55pm

Teigan is at the Phoenix, not smoking because of course you can't anymore. 6:02pm

Teigan is at the Phoenix, not smoking because of course you can't anymore. 6:02pm

Teigan is figuring out how to get to there using Google Maps. 8:26pm

Teigan is going there. 8:37pm

Teigan has totally been FB-stalked to his physical location by R*b*rt G*th & W*nst*n O*k*s, of all the people. 11:23pm

Teigan is back at the Phoenix. 11:48pm

Teigan is feeling very haunted & illusion-of-time-y. 12:13am

Teigan is at Kingos eating chips & gravy from Chicken Gourmet. 1:04am

(To be continued.)

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Wither Reality Blogging

Post-movie beers at Old Bar with MG & Coburg

Feed my narcissism, you cunts.


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Walking Home From Carling’s House With Celestine

Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am this morning (1) Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am this morning (2)
Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am this morning (3) Matt skating outside Carling's house in Brunswick at 5am (4)

Dawn breaking over Sydney Road (note hot air balloons)

Celestine picked some flowers

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Stuff I Did This Year

(Previously & previouslier.)

I missed most of 2007.

It started excellently, and ended okay. Adventures were had, things were discovered; it was not a total dead loss. But overall it will not be remembered as a banner year on Planet Teigan.

This year, amongst assorted other things (see archives), I:

  • Misguidedly started a BA at Melbourne Uni for the second time, and then dropped out after a month for the second time.
  • Got kinda down.
  • Just about survived winter without going totally insane or throwing myself under a train.
  • Gradually got better.
  • Got totally ditched, in my absence, by the artist formerly known as Lady J after an extremely Significant & Intense 18-month relationship.
  • Spent approximately 680 hours conducting telephone-based social research for money. (The weirdness, the horror, the tedium etc). (Also: The doodling.)
  • Somewhat overambitiously applied & was interviewed for a BFA at one of the premier art schools in the country, despite having basically no traditional visual art-type skills or talent at all. Was not accepted.
  • Spent what probably cumulatively amounts to several months on Facebook.
  • Drank quite a lot.
  • Various other things which are none of your damn business. Who the hell are you, anyway? Who are you really? etc

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This Month Has Been Totally Surreal

It’s certainly been interesting.

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Sat Waiting For The Tram On Brunny Street This Afternoon

A man in a panda suit and sunglasses came up to me. He asked if I minded sitting next to a panda. I said “no, not at all”. He sat down.

I asked him if he’d always been a panda. “Yeah, pretty much.” He seemed kind of irritated by the question, and uninterested in further exchange. So I didn’t ask if I could take his picture, although I wanted to.

He probably gets sick of being treated like a freakshow.

It was good. Sitting next to him made me feel less self-conscious about wearing a shirt that’s technically a blouse, which I was (and still am).


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This pizza is Super Special. The people who sold it to us told us this. It must be true.

Super Special pizza

We are going to watch Withnail & I now. Yiz can all get comprehensively fucked.

That is all.

Coming soon: Death In The Afternoon.


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It’s My Blog And I’ll Break My Own Self-Imposed Vow Of Silence Occasionally If I Want To

I blame you, Carfax. Just let it lie, whycantcha?


I recently had cause to send someone a link to my Neurocam Perception Assessment. It is two years old this month.

Rereading it was quite the life-is-strange moment. Many syncronicities and other peculiarities emerged. I even bag out Vanstone in it at one point. Actually, that’s not particularly strange. But the whole thing was funny.

Life is funny. Time flies. Other cliches.

That’s all, I guess.

But on a related note: since, surprisingly, no one else has picked this one up (as far as I’m aware) I suppose it falls to me to ask – does this dastardly unidentified voyeuristic spycam shoe bandit sound suspiciously like anyone we know?

And with that I must away, dear readers, for now I have an important date with the Green Faerie Jellybean.

Good evening.


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Stuff I Did This Year


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And We’re Away

Being temperamentally unsuited to current climatic conditions in Melbourne, I depart tomorrow for colder climes. Switzerland, to be exact, where I shall remain until the 27th December, at which time I shall fly (unassisted*) to the UK.

Tickets & Passport

Provided that I do not die, that all international flights are not cancelled due to the Terrorist Threat and that the oil supplies hold out, I will return home to Australia on the 13th of January.

Please note that throughout this period I will only be checking the addresses and [mybirthname]

There will probably be a post or two between now and when I get back (possibly more) – but in any case, l hereby take this opportunity to wish you all a banging festive season.

(* NOTE: this particular bit potentially untrue)


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