Things To Be Thankful For (Five)

Bitches who know how to treat their slaves right.

In a way being thankful isn't liable for nothing, because it implies a debt. But some people take being liable for nothing to a whole other level - and one can only be grateful.

One such ultrastar of an individual graced Chez Hagakure’s now-vacant second bedroom last weekend whilst on an all-too-brief-and-rare visit to Teh Melbourne.

This chick knows I would happily eat her shit on demand. But she never, ever abuses the knowledge. She brings me nothing but incredible awesomeness, invariably exactly when and where I need it. And she has never cost me a damn thing, by my reckoning.

It was, as always, a total & unmitigated pleasure to accommodate her.

I don't entirely understand how that works, but somehow it seems to. Which is.. well, 'nice' is hardly the word.

Or maybe it is. Who knows. Who cares. :)


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    Quote of the Now;
    “Why do you H8 america?
    Because U! r the sauce of scientology.”

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