This pizza is Super Special. The people who sold it to us told us this. It must be true.

Super Special pizza

We are going to watch Withnail & I now. Yiz can all get comprehensively fucked.

That is all.

Coming soon: Death In The Afternoon.


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5 Responses to Kitsune

  1. > Coming soon: Death In The Afternoon.

  2. teigan

    That pizza looks completely disgusting in the cold light of day. I can’t believe I put that in my body.
    I feel unusual. I think I should go outside etc
    Yeah, I stopped by the bottle shop in Queens St on my way home yesterday night.
    It was closed, but it looked awesome; many many tiny bottles of strange spirits lined up in the window; it was fully, like, a magic potion shop. They even had something called ‘Nothing Liqueur’ – the joke being, I suppose, that it would enable you to say “Nothing for me, thanks!”
    I shall return there this afternoon or tomorrow.

  3. Kitsune = Pizza
    Pizza = Delicious
    Delicious = Kitsune?

  4. teigan

    I conveniently linked the post title to a wikipedia entry that explains everything. As much as it’s ever gonna be explained.

  5. I noticed this but diregarded it anyway.

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