On Saturday 7th – in fulfillment of a long-held ambition – I went out to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital cattery and adopted a beautiful 10-week old black and white medium-haired domestic kitten. I named her Nada Zero.

(Anniversarial moment of silence for Sammy the dog.)

Nada Zero

I couldn’t take her home straight away, though. She had to be spayed the following morning. She was then slated to star in my Easter Sunday post.

But overnight she came down with flu, and ended up having to spend a further week in the hospital.

I was finally able to bring her home on Monday night.

Then on Tuesday, she vanished. We concluded she must have run away – probably via the back door, which doesn’t always close properly in wet weather.

I made up a bunch of posters and stuck them up around the place, and doorknocked our nearest neighbours. No one had seen her.

Lost kitten sign

Later that evening, whilst I was on the phone to Freakley in our living room, she reappeared shyly and miraculously from the kitchen next door.

She’d been hiding the whole time under a fitted kitchen cupboard, accessible via a gap between the oven and said cupboard. We blocked off the gap with a blanket.

Oven, blanket, cupboard

She then proceeded to spend most of Wednesday hiding under the futon couch.

Nada under the futon couch

But today she seems to be feeling a bit more at home.

Nada drinking

We’d made her a bed out of some blankets and a cardboard box, and she’s coming round to it.

Nada in bed

She’s lovely.

Nada's face


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7 Responses to Kitten

  1. Awww. She looks delightful.
    You’ve got kitten TV! *exudes jealousy*

  2. Awwwwww, aint she purrrty!
    We got our newest two from the local Cat Protection Society.
    I think everyone who has room in their heart and on their beds should go out and adopt a kitten today.
    Right now.
    Go on.

  3. Tira Misu

    Omigosh! She’s sooooo cute! ^^

  4. nada

    awww, she’s so cute. i love her!!

  5. AG

    i just can’t help it
    sadly, some (but not all) cats make my eyes itchy and watery.
    but still

  6. Aw gosh! She’s so cute!
    I must come over and pay her a visit! 😀
    And you of course. To go and visit her without visiting you would just be rude… 😛

  7. wortwut

    Dude, you just bought yourself a whole lot of houseguests.
    And a lovely kitten!
    Explosions of cuteness! Yay!

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