Sammy the Dog

(nee Ryfrost Silver Dollar)

6 May 1992 – 4 April 2006

~ much loved ~

Sam B&W 2003






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8 Responses to Sammy the Dog

  1. 🙁
    RIP Sammy, we’ll miss your quiet and awkward doggy ways. You had more personality (which you portrayed with unusual ease in still photographs) than most canines I care to mention.
    All good dogs go to heaven, hope you’re kickin out the jams with lassie and that bitch from Neighbours.

  2. j

    I feel like my own dog has died.
    Bye, Sammy.

  3. I shouldn’t be so sad for a dog I never knew. But RIP Sammy. Your noble, face-melting ways will be remembered.

  4. Not to change the tone too much but that video made me laugh!
    Aw… good old Sammy.

  5. Dev

    Sad to see a neuropuppy go. 🙁

  6. Neuropuppy, wrecker of gardens, gentleman, scholar, friend.
    His ashes arrived yesterday. Contemplated posting a pic, but that might be kind of tasteless.
    You can go too far with this kind of thing.

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