Post Pending

Seriously! It will be quite good.


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  1. Gab

    Too right!
    (I so like being in the know!)
    (I expect you to have a different post now, just to be contrary ‘n’ shit)

  2. Promises, promises.
    I want some acid.

  3. teigan

    Gab: I am never contrary just for the sake of being contrary. Or at least it’s fairly rare.
    Desci: You have my number.

  4. Tease.
    …I’ll call you.

  5. Jayden

    I wonder if Scientology will be the next Christianity 2000 years from now? What are your thoughts on Scientology?
    With Tom Cruise as Jesus, who wouldn’t want to join?

  6. teigan

    Er, quite.
    There’s a random musing. I have many thoughts on Scientology, several of which have been recorded here over the years. Of late there’s this, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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