Extreme Weather

If you think Melbourne weather is a bit much sometimes.. try Manchester.

If I believed in God, I’d conclude that he was well pissed off about something.


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  1. j

    at least now i have a valid excuse for being a shut-in …

  2. The wind swept the whole of England after it went for Manchster. It was both terrifying and enjoyable.

  3. j

    Did you go outside during it, at all?
    I had to walk to a meeting during what ended up being the smash-bang pitch of things around here (as I later discovered); it was the most intense forces-of-nature experience I’ve had since Waimea Bay tried to drown me.
    terrifying and enjoyable
    heh — sounds about right

  4. A little bit, I avoided most of it though in the safety of my bricks.
    But yeah, there’s a certain intrigue in walking forwards but being blown backwards. It was also the first day in forever that I wore my confusing scarf which I never usually wear ebcause it’s too confusing. I’m glad I wore it.

  5. E-mail instead of name again…
    Never mind.
    At least I’m not putting my password in the e-mail box as I have done so many times and corrected myself just before I click on post.

  6. j

    Is there a particular characteristic that makes this scarf confusing, or is it just the fact that it’s a scarf?
    Because (shhh – don’t tell anyone) I find scarves to be quite confusing in general.

  7. A G

    Scarves? Confusing?
    They’re one of the most elegant pieces of clothing ever invented.
    Now socks on the other hand… Don’t get me started: Inside out? Upside down? Wrong foot? …

  8. teigan

    I agree – scarves are nice. I only came to them recently and I’m still learning how to wear them. But when I do.. man, look out! I will be the most elegant cat in inner north Melbourne.
    Spot on with the sock observation as well. I am convinced that they have minds of their own. And none of mine seem to like me; they have all gravitated towards ~ since he moved in. I have few left. I’d buy more, but they would probably just abandon me too.
    >Wrong foot?
    It was a moment of great revelation to me when I realised that socks have no wrong foot. All my life, I’d been imagining I’d just been haphazardly guessing which sock to put on which foot – and probably wearing my socks backwards half the time.
    Then one day it struck me like a lightning bolt – It doesn’t matter! Socks are not left or right specific!
    It seemed like an important discovery about Life, somehow.

  9. teigan

    PS Here (warning: cruddy Windows Media stream) is a rare & slightly surprising Reuters news report about current global weather chaos

  10. Well really it’s just a large piece of cloth folded many times and eventually folded from corner to corner to create a big triangle. Until I received this gift I had only ever word thin and long scarves, but this one was different, it was a triangle.
    Blaming it on global warming again? I can never tell if it is or not. Someone needs to give it to me straight and that person shouldn’t be Al Gore. I’ll believe it when Hawking explains it proper like.

  11. teigan

    >but this one was different, it was a triangle.
    Well, I’m confused
    >Blaming it on global warming again?
    That’s why it got covered like that at all; rightly or wrongly, we have Al Gore to thank
    Seriously – never in the history of 24-hour extreme news has so much insane weather / so many extreme natural disasters received so little joining-the-dots media coverage
    I don’t know either. Although, as always, I have many theories

  12. My dear dear delicious Sarah Silverman explains it best.

  13. teigan

    The sweater calculation fails to take inflation into account. Not to mention the possibility that the world as we know it will end in 2012.
    But I liked the bit where she pushed the guy off his bike. And the bit about zombies. Zombies make anything funnier.
    Mmm, zombies.

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